Laura Quimby
Laura Quimby
Laura Quimby


The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project

More than anything, Maya wants to discover something incredible. Her parents are scientists: Her mother spends most of her time in tropical rainforests, uncovering ancient artifacts, and her dad is obsessed with digging up mammoths. When her father gets invited by an eccentric billionaire to lead a team investigating a mammoth's remains in the Arctic, Maya begs to come along. Upon her arrival at the isolated camp, the mammoth is quickly revealed to be a fake, but there is something hidden in the ice—something unbelievable. Along with a team of international experts, each with his or her own agenda and theory about the mystery in the ice, Maya learns more about this discovery, which will change her life forever.

Laura Quimby expertly mixes adventure, science, and wonder into a page-turning story perfect for middle-grade explorers.


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"...a fascinating journey of discovery, written through the eyes of a feisty and ambitious girl. Well told and atmospheric, this is a good read."
   —Parents in Touch

"Who wouldn't want to find something earth-shatteringly unique while on an Arctic expedition?"
   —Kirkus Review

"I really like this story. Maya is awesome. She talked her dad into letting her miss school to go on an expedition to the Arctic. The great thing was she didn't do it by begging and whining and stomping around the house. She did it with logic and presented it to her dad as a unique learning experience. And the best part of that? She wanted it as a learning experience; not just an excuse to ditch school. Can all the teachers give me a big 'Wahoo!'
Science teachers will especially like Maya. They can use the discovery in the ice to talk about scientific procedure and why it is important to keep good notes. I think it is great to have a book with a girl character who isn't boy-crazy. Yay for science minded girls..."
Verdict: Recommended
   —Life is better with books

Amulet Books, hardcover, November 2012, ISBN: 9781419704024

Laura Quimby